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Client Feedback

Dear Ranjan / Top Travel and Tours

I talked to my group, they’ve just landed in Krakow. They liked all the trip very much and all our service as well!

Thank You Ranjan for Your professionalism and Your help! I hope to meet You soon and I hope to have good cooperation in future.

Tomorrow I’m leaving to Burma and Vietnam. I’ll ask You about my father’s group in the beginning of April, when we will be back.

Best regards
Marcin Szopa

Dear all,

We're back home now and our minds are full of nice and unique expressions which we take home from south India. The whole journey was an unforgotable experiance and this experience was also perfectly planed and prepared. Our compliments to you and your company, which help us to enjoy the journey in this way. You complete an super good job - there is no one point, there don't satisfy us 100%. Thank you for such organisation and thank you for your assistance. Also your lokal staffs gived thier bests.
We will recomend your company to all our friends!

Best regards and again a big THANK YOU to all of you!
Emil Boucek

Dear Mrs Madhu Mathur and Mr Rajender Dhar,

I just want to let you know that my bag arrived safely at my home address this morning. It was delivered from Heathrow airport where it arrived yesterday morning.
Thank you so much for getting in touch with your contact, Mr Lloyd at Jet Airlines and for organising the onward despatching of the missing bag. I was very grateful to you for organising the conference call between me, Mr Lloyd and Mr Dhar.
It was all such a frustrating experience as I knew immediately that I had left the bag on the plane but was not allowed to go back on to retrieve it. The ground crew at the airport insisted that they had searched the plane 4 times and that there was nothing there. I was convinced that they were wrong and obviously they were as the bag duly flew with the onward flight to Jodhpur as you know. Anyway everything has now worked out well and I am very happy to have my things back again and immensely grateful for all your help. I must also add that the local Mumbai agent was most concerned and most helpful in the entire situation. Later, he, like me, tried to get through on the phone to the numbers given to me by the ground staff at Mumbai airport but to no avail. They would not answer the phone. He wrote some sort of report which he asked me to sign and as far as it was completed at the time I was happy to do so.
Julia and I had a truly wonderful trip to India and spent a very unique and special week together in your marvellous and exciting country. Thank you for all your work in putting together such a super itinerary and for organising everything so beautifully. We would also like to thank you for upgrading us at the Heritage Hotel in Mumbai. The newly refurbished room which they put us in was a world apart from the awful one which we started off in. We were so relieved and happy to be spending our last evening in India in such a pleasant room.

I do hope that by now the payment which my husband made has come through.
With kindest regards
Rosemary Gasson

Dear Mrs Madhu Mathur,

I have just returned from my trip to Kolkata and Darjeeling - what can I say !!!! Except that everything was perfect !!!
Your organisation skills are second to none, and the attention to detail was superb. All the guides were of exceptional quality - so friendly and so knowledgeable!! Whilst in Kolkata the local guide managed to take me to every address I gave him, not only that, but he also arranged for us to go inside the houses/sites.
The same can be said of our guide in Darjeeling, who was so so helpful.
So a big big Thank You to yourself and your company, I am so grateful and if I visit India again I will certainly get in touch with you (and also recommend you to anyone who may be interested in visiting!)

Thank you so much for helping to realise a lifetime ambition of visiting these places.
Kind Regards
Barry Currall

PS - The standard and service of the hotels was excellent as well!

Dear Rajinder,

Thank you so much for all your efforts to change our trip at such short notice. The Park hotel in Kolkata was just wonderful and we are awestruck by the Mayfair Bubaneswar. We had no idea there was such a place! Your wonderful and tireless efforts on our behalf have provided us with such a terrific vacation despite all the disruption. I also wanted to let you know that each and every person who has met us so far has been truly exceptional. Your company was well represented by highly professional, warm and caring people. I felt like I was leaving friends with each departure.
Thank you again for making our trip such a great success.

Warm wishes,

Dear Mr. Harridas!

We would like to thank you once again for the excellent organization of the tour. The general mark is excellent. Now in details:

The route. We travelled a lot across the Europe. Ilya visited North and South America many times. India is not similar to one other country which we have visited. It has admired us. We have not regretted for a second, that except for the basic tourist places (Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Khajuraho, Varanasi) we have seen Gwalior, Sanchi, Orcha. Hotels.

The hotels. All the hotels offered by you meet the high requirements of comfort and service. The meal was adapted to the European taste. There were pools and gyms in the most of the hotels that helped us to relax after the sightseeing. The hotel that drops out of this list was the hotel in Gwalior. Now it experiences not the best times.

The transfers. The organization of arrivals & departures was at the top-level. The representatives of your company always were present during check in and check out in the hotels. They met us and saw off at the stations and at the airport without any delays. There was the misunderstanding in Bhopal only. Nobody met us on the platform. We were going out of the train station when a man asked us if we have a problem. We found out that he was your representative who planned to meet us for an hour later.

Guides. In all cities work of guides was remarkable: very interesting and detailed stories, the friendly attitude. We would like to mark especially the professionalism of guides in Gwalior and Varanasi, and also the organization of medical aid by the guide in Agra after a bite of the monkey.

Drivers. We have not any claim to the drivers despite of complexity of the traffic in India. They carried out the duties very professionally and honestly at such original organization of traffic in the country. We would like to mark the young driver Ravi. He was with us for 4 days in Delhi-Jaipur-Agra-Gwalior. He was very accurate and droved the car safety. He was very benevolent, always ready to assist. He carried out duties of the guide during our trips from a city to a city. We thank him very much.

We were pleasantly surprised by the change of the car (Toyota instead of Tata Indigo). We thank you for it separately. Also we thank you for gifts - the plates will remind us not only about India, but also about Top Travels and personally about you. We promise you that we will advertise your company among our friends and relatives, though some of them consider our trip to India as the big adventure. Once again we thank you for the excellent organization of our tour.
Please, find attached our picture in Sanchi to compensate the absence our meeting.

Best regards,
Aelita and Ilya Shuklin

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